Thursday, March 15, 2012

Archers and Arrows - Self Titled EP & Split w/ Bottle Knowledge

Archers and Arrows are a melodic punk band from Lausanne (Switzerland). I haven't really listened to much punk from Switzerland, but I went into this review assuming that they probably sounded similar to punk bands from any other country.

I was right.

Archers and Arrows sound like a punk band, and it's a good thing. The vocals are gruff, the melodies are catchy, the guitar leads are simple enough, and the energy is somewhere between moderately high and absurdly high. Archers and Arrows play the exact kind of music they should be playing, as they clearly know what they're doing.

Archer's and Arrows - Self Titled EP

The song "It's So Cool, We Will Die All Together," starts off the Archers and Arrows EP on a very good note. Well, on a lot of good notes, I suppose. This song features both incredibly catchy, hardly-possible-to-comprehend vocals and the coolest little repeating bass guitar intermission. It's pretty awesome. At this point, I have to say A&A remind me a lot of bands like Arms Aloft and Mayflower. Arms Aloft for the ability to make pop punk sound dirtier than a Sam Kinison stand-up act, and Mayflower for creating gruff-voiced vocal melodies that refuse to leave a person's head. 

This awesome first song is followed by a song I prefer even more, "The Support". I don't know what it is about this track, but it definitely hits every nail on the head, for lack of a cooler phrase. It's one of the more interesting songs on the record, which is saying a lot for this EP, because all the songs bring their own bit of greatness. I mean shit, this song managed to throw in some screamo vocals and I didn't suddenly dislike them or anything. 

This EP is pretty great from beginning to end, and I feel pretty lucky that it ended up in our e-mail. It would've sucked to not have been introduced to Archers and Arrows, because their shit is pretty great. You can find all the songs from the EP on the band's facebook page too, which is pretty convenient. Listen to this shit.

Archers and Arrows split w/ Bottle Knowledge

The Archer and Arrows half of this split shows us the band implementing far more pop and twinkly emo influence into their sound. All three songs for this split are awesome and worth checking out. They can be checked out over at their facebook page, as well. Do it.

Bottle Knowledge are another band from the same area as Archers and Arrows. They kind of sound like what Fugazi probably would've sounded like, had the band been started many year later. You can listen to their half of the split on their facebook page too, and it's definitely worth it. All three songs are pretty awesome.

Hey, there were two albums in this review post. Weird.


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