Friday, April 6, 2012

The Radio Reds- Let It Show EP

The Radio Reds are a post-punk band from Greensboro, North Carolina. It's a four piece group that's been playing together for about a year now, starting off as vocalist Stephen Kent's solo project. This EP is going to be released on April 10th (only four days), so I suggest you mark that on your calendar.

This is a super long EP. It's only four tracks, but they still manage to pull out a full 16 minutes. That's impressive. "Lucky Strike," the first track, starts you off with a pretty good impression. It sounds kind of like a grunge/indie blend, and it's pretty good. Stephen Kent has a strong voice, and the instrumentals are solid. It's a slower song, but the guitar melodies are fairly interesting. Patrick Boyd and Kent together (both guitarists) make an interesting play back and forth. 
"Disconnected" is a similar song to "Lucky Strike."
"California Snow" actually shows off the bass a little bit (Michael Kent) which I enjoy a lot. The guitar melodies are also pretty interesting. The lyrics are also really great. This track sounds almost like Third Eye Blind and Nirvana had a love child together. 
"Bedroom Noise" is a little pop punk-ish. That made me smile. It's much more upbeat than the other three tracks, and it's pretty fun. Overall, it's a pretty good EP.
It makes me think of the nineties. If you liked the nineties, you'll probably like this. And I mean, who didn't?


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