Wednesday, February 16, 2011

nichiels- J'ai Marché Parmis Les Zombies

Nichiels is a fabulous punk band from France that I adore. One of the members and I have been speaking over email, and it's a pleasure of mine to listen to their album released on guerilla asso last May. For one, if you don't know much about french music, you don't know how rare it is for a french band to actually sing in french- the music is very much influenced by other cultures, and the country itself is a big melting pot of nationalities, so the majority of all genres coming from France are predominately sung in other languages. Being a lover of the language, it always makes me super excited to listen to music with french lyrics. Also, J'ai Marché Parmis Les Zombies (I walked among the zombies) is a great album title, with a kickass album cover to match.
"Conflit d'intérêts" (conflict of interests) is a wonderful way to start off the album. It's fun, it's fast, it's punk. It's got a pop punk edge to it, but I wouldn't call it pop punk. It's like if you made a NOFX- Les Rasoirs Electriques mix group... And then sprinkled fairy dust on it. Ya dig?
"Des années bien remplies" ( some busy years) is yet another great song. It's clear that they're great musicians, and they bring a great sound to the table. "Gloire et fétichisme" (glory and fetishism) is a song about my two favorite things! Kidding. This song actually makes me laugh because he says "zut alors" exactly like a friend of mine, so I think of him everytime. Ah, zut alors, quelle coïncidence... Man, this page is scattered with "spelling errors" in my french. (PS. Blogger? Let me code foreign letters please. Thanks. <3)
Anyway, "Va précariser ta mère (feat. Alex Justin(e))" and "Accusé de réception" are two more fantastic songs, but to be honest, they sound very alike to me. It's like the same great sound repeated with slightly different chords and words....  But I suppose if it isn't broken, don't fix it! "Régina" is a sweet song about fighting the church. " Un préjugé une balle", " Moins bavard plus efficace", and "Gravity always win" are all three awesome. "Travail et suicide" is my favorite track on the album. I love the bouncy sound, the vocals, everything. Kudos, boys, kudos.
"Vide assisté" has a cute little dialogue at the beginning, and then launches into the amazing music. "T'es" is fucking awesome. It's pretty much a big "Fuck you!" to social standards and aesthetic beauty. "Tout pour moi" and "Canulars, beurre, et mollusques" are a fun way to end the album, and the applause at the end of "Canulars" is very much deserved!

Merci beaucoup pour la musique, et félicitations pour l'album fabuleux! Alors, mon francais est mauvais.... Dommage. Je vous aime, nicheils! 


  1. Hey, cool review here !
    But, the good translation for the song " des années bien remplies " is " some busy years ", if my english is good.

    I was impressed that you know bands like Les rasoirs electriques, that's very cool !!