Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Three Favorite Ska-Punk Albums Of the Past Few Years

Okay, so...I've probably touched on these albums or bands in other posts here at Idle and the Bear...but it's honestly never enough. So, here it goes...


Talk about your solid excellence. These Tennessee assholes (I mean assholes in a good way, duh) are fucking brilliant at what they do. I've only seen them play a couple times, but both instances were absolutely excellent. You really won't find much better out there than Stuck Lucky, and this album Possom Soul is the perfect example of their awesomeness. I mean, nothing compares to seeing these guys live though. Their set is filled with more energy than a "closed system with high entropy." (I had to ask my friend Meadows to help me out with some sort of physics term for something with high energy...I think he let me down here). Point is. Great band. Great fucking record.

I've actually already written a review on this album. It seriously has endless replay value. The lyrics are perfect (mostly centered around human rights, historical inaccuracies, christianity, and socialism) and it's a band full of nerds. Seriously. They open sets with the zelda theme at times. And it's the perfect blend of hardcore music with ska-punk. The horns are brilliant and the vocals are definitely unique and powerful. So yeah, great album. 

Oh my fucking god. I don't know if I've ever heard a better album in my life. It's honestly a bitch to try to say that I have, because I can't place a finger on it currently anyway. The Last Minute by Fatter Than Albert is like a complicated mess of genres and influences. It's like a scale model of musical excellence, and it seriously fucks up the curve for everyone else. It's almost as if, no matter what, your album won't top this. It sucks, I know. But, at least you get to listen to this album a billion times before you die. If you're smart enough to do so, at least. Bonus Fact: Best horn section in the world. 


So there, you indulged me. Now I'm finished. Go listen to these albums! You have the links right up there, so do it. Later.



  1. I'm no stranger to profanity, but overuse of the F word, particularly as an intensifier (fucking) makes you come across as a bit of a try hard. Just sayin'...

  2. I was informed that I cussed a lot in this post, but I didn't notice. Sorry if it bothers you.