Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rejectioneers - 25 EP

Honestly, the only issue we have when it comes to reviewing indie records would have to be the fact that we’re completely brain dead when it comes to any sort of background with that scene. We’re ska kids and pop punk dorks. Seriously, that sums us up pretty well. But, we do know a good album when we hear one, regardless of genre, and this band Rejectioneers not long ago put out an excellent fucking EP called ’25’.

Rejectioneers sounds like the result of taking They Might Be Giants, Foo Fighters, Ben Folds, and Jimmy Eat World and just mashing them all together into this perfect concoction of indie rock gold. That’s probably the neatest way to put it, too. (I mean neat as in organized...not like the way Beaver Cleaver would say it). ’25’ happens to be Rejectioneers’s debut release...which for some reason just makes it all that better to me. I already just considered it to be an excellent album, but now that I know it’s the first official demonstration of what this band has to offer, I’m just all that more into it.

The few songs on ’25' are catchy, thought-out and complex where necessary while being simple where it counts. Your ears aren’t doing homework here! They’re taking a vacation! A much needed one, too, because the latter half of this year has definitely been lacking in excellence. Well, here’s your fucking excellence!

Do yourself the favor of all favors by downloading Rejectioneers’s ’25’ EP for free over at their bandcamp page. You’re missing out if you don’t, and nobody likes to be missing out. Except for creepy, weird people. And our readers are neither creepy or weird...despite the fact that we are...


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