Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Story So Far- Under Soil and Dirt

Honestly, it's hard NOT to like The Story So Far. With their super-catchy melodies, strong harmonies, heartfelt vocals, and powerful lyrics, I can guarantee you'll find yourself bouncing along with this band with me. To be honest, you probably already are. This album was released in this past summer on Pure Noise records. RIYL Fireworks, The Wonder Years, Transit, or Saves the Day.
I listened to this album twice, and then immediately sent Idle a text. "The Story So Far might be my new favorite pop punk band."
I honestly mean that. I rant over bands all the time, but I never say anything that extreme, right?
The combination of perfect lyrics and catchy melodies is just perfect.
"Roam" has this awesome rhythm and the vocal pattern is genius. Parker Cannon does  some of the best harmonies I've heard in quite a while. "High Regard" follows the same pattern- the lyrics blow me away. It's like if Soupy Campbell and Justin Pierre had a lyrical baby, and it turned into this group. 
The music is study, steady, and powerful. The vocals are heartfelt and powerful. The themes of the songs are powerful.Getting my drift so far?The guitar is always interesting, the bass is innovating, the drummer is badass, etc. etc. etc. 
"Mt Diablo" is interesting- the tempo and dynamic changes keep you listening without zoning out. It's feel good music. There's even a little bit of a breakdown towards the end, but it's so minor and it fit so well that I didn't even mind!
Instead of having instruments take turns being the "power sound" like a lot of bands do, The Story So Far really seems to work together. Everyone plays their equal part and it sounds great.
This CD is going to be in my car for a long, long time. End of story.

If you haven't yet, check them out!


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