Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Grand Hotel Paradox- Louder Than Lyrics

Do you guys remember Grand Hotel Paradox? You should. This is such a great band. It seems like just yesterday I was sticking their stickers all over the United States (Send in a picture if you ever see one, it was probably me.) and reviewing their last EP. In July, they released a new single that's badass. Check it out! RIYL punk rock.
The first track, "Wake Up Call" has really powerful lyrics and a super catchy bass line. It kind of makes you want to dance. Ants in your pants, yeah? Sorry, I'll stop with the rhyming. Politically charged, talented, and full of energy straight after a tour is the best combination for writing an album. Badass.
The next song, "Louder than Lyrics" is absolutely amazing. Holy shit. It's got a guitar line that sounds like pins and needles- in the best of ways. It gives an atmosphere of desperation and determination. The bass and drums are stronger than hell. I'm just going to tell you guys the lyrics now:
"the only bars that we're behind are 4/4 signature time 

and we are able to find the key much more easily 

we are just the commentators, we're not in the boxing ring 
we are just the war reporters, gotta keep our hands clean 

but dictators won't step down and economies won't shape up 
if you just sing 

actions speak louder than lyrics 

but dictators won't step down and economies won't shape up 
if you just sing"
Have I won you over yet? You should be nodding your head "yes" right about now.

Check it out!


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