Tuesday, May 1, 2012

All Over The Place- Leaving Today

All Over The Place is this kickass ska band from Cleveland.  I like them a lot. It's a cycling group of members, normally around seven people. They've been together for two years now and this is their third release, including the EP given away for free on Bandcamp last year. It's pretty good stuff, guys. RIYL Atomic Potato, The Fad, Streetlight Manifesto
This band is super, super catchy. "The Past" is a faster song with heavy bass and addictive horn lines. I like it a lot. They're clearly having fun and I can get into that. There's some cute synth in "It Should Have Been Me." The vocal style and the lyrics remind me a lot of the Smoking Popes, which is a really high compliment from me. Just you know, without all the guitar solos and with horns. Same difference. Kellen Bearden is an enjoyable bassist and it shows through the entire album.
"Faker" is a little hectic at first, but as soon as you get that horn solo in there, they pull me back in and suddenly it makes sense. Really fun song live, I'm sure. Wes Meadows is a great vocalist- it's kind of like unicorn babies in my face... Yeah. That analogy didn't work that well, but I'll run with it. The tempo change was tasteful, and the lyrics are once again great.
The band has a very fast, fun, if not goofy sound. "Dreamgirl" was a single they released earlier last year before being put on this album, and it's fucking sweet. The guitar lines are cool and I love the song itself. Definitely blast-in-the-car-with-the-windows-down-soundtrack material. Can this song be playing in the opening to the movie about my life? Or you know, just to whatever 80s style teen movie they feel like making soon. (Am I being hopeful?)
Some other favorites of mine:
"Life," "Leaving Today," "Agreeable."
Only complaint with the album over all is the timing can be a little off. But that's really all I could find to criticize... I love these guys. I bet you would too.

Comments below. I'm starting a betting pool as to whether or not Wes stands for Wesley or Wetherby. GO!


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