Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lemuria- Varoom Allure 7"

I have never heard anything by Lemuria that I didn't love. There was one time when I didn't think I liked Pebble, but then I listened to it a second time and it turned out that I loved it just as much as anything else Sheena and Alex have ever done. If you've somehow missed them, they're a cute, interesting, quirky, altogether  fun indie pop band from Buffalo, NY. This little 7" was released on Record Store Day 2012, and I didn't fucking get it. Sucks, right? Either way, they streamed both the songs online so I think I'll survive until I can get my hands on a copy. I'll probably end up buying it for way too much on Ebay or something, you know. RIYL Very Okay, The Ergs, Cheap Girls, Eisley
"Varoom Allure," the title track, is awesome. It has the same old interesting rhythm and melody as most Lemuria stuff, with very choppy staccato vox. You also get to hear a little more of Alex's vocal abilities, which is pretty cool. Sheena Ozzella's parts are very, very cute. It's a great song.
"Cannonballs To Hurt" is a little heavier than "Varoom" and has more Sheena. Max's bass lines are pretty fun and it's overall awesome.
This single is super fucking awesome.


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