Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Was A Hero - Youth and Defeat

I Was A Hero absolutely saved the spring of 2012 as far as far as music releases go. Well, for me, at least. Nothing else I listened to this season hit me nearly as hard as this album 'Youth and Defeat'. It's seven snotty melodic punk songs that sound like the product of pop punk fans who grew up in the 90s. The sounds sound like a mix between Descendents, Saves the Day, and any number of bro-core type bands. Somehow this concoction came out sounding pretty fucking awesome...and kind of like Handguns. A lot of bands sound kind of like Handguns, these days. Especially Handguns.

There honestly isn't a single song on 'Youth and Defeat' that I dislike. They're all strong, catchy as fuck, and full of energy and feel good pop punk guitar riffs. It's perfect. This album probably contains a song or two that will help define the summer of 2012 when we're all old fucks and looking back. Unless you're already old, I guess. You'll just be an older fuck and this section of your life will probably all blend together like a smoothie. A really bad tasting smoothie, most likely. "Bus Rides Cost Too Much" might be my favorite song on this release. It embodies every positive aspect of I Was A Hero, and it does so perfectly. However, it's really hard to say I like one song more than the rest, because the rest put up a really good fight. Songs like "Cheap Tea" and the title track "Youth and Defeat" really fuck with the curve here. I don't know man-it's just a solid release all around.

You can download this album for free (or choose to donate money to the band for the download) on their bandcamp page. You can even just stream it first if you're not yet ready to make the commitment of having these mp3s on your computer for easy listening access. But if you download it, you can scrobble your plays of the songs and make people think you're cool. Eh...


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