Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Grand Hotel Paradox- First World Problems

I was going to sit around in bed til noon and play Pokemon, which is my typical schedule, but instead, I decided to sit in bed ALL day and review some fun punk..
Grand Hotel Paradox is the first band we've ever reviewed from the UAE. Pretty cool. Anyway, this baby (band?) was birthed (joined?) when Chris Ryan (guitar and vocals) met Mike Priest (bass, vocals) at Mike's old band GOPILOT's show. At some point along the way, they picked up Michael Sydenham for drums. Grand Hotel Paradox is really great DIY punk with a great sound. Not only are the vocals really interesting, the instrumentals are extremely catchy. You can hear definite influence from Fugazi, Propagandhi, and even Choking Victim. You'll like them.
"The Lime Hasn't Fallen Far From The Tree" is really awesome. First off, is that the phrase in the rest of the world? Because I always thought it was apple. But limes are better than apples, so I'm all for it. I might steal that phrase. It sets a social agenda for the rest of the EP, and I really like it. It's got a very traditional sound, but they still incorporate some new elements to it. 
NOTE: It actually is apple... This is a reference to a cafe, The Lime Tree Cafe. Thanks, GHP!
"Find My Way" has the best damn instrumentals! I love the bass so much, it's really addictive. The music has an exceptionally odd sound, but I mean that in a very positive way. Grand Hotel Paradox... needs to make more music. Because I want to hear what else is in their head.
"Indoctrination" is kind of like a watered down NOFX song. The politically strong lyrics are awesome, oh and said really fast. The song isn't even two minutes, but they still manage to pack quite a few bars in.
"Scream vs Whisper" is a mostly instrumental track (to be more specific, a mostly bass song) attacks shitty hardcore and I am all for that, haha. Punk music is about emotions, not screaming... I mean, the screaming is usually there too, but that's normally because we're really angry or really excited about something. Most of us don't LIKE tearing our vocal chords. That's unrelated though. The music has a really creative, interesting melody and I give my bear paw of approval.

Overall, bravo. I love that they went back to their roots, but they brought their own ideas with it. I wanna hear more. Also, I want this CD in person, but it says that won't happen until June 4th on the bandcamp... So I'll wait. "Patiently." NOTE: The bandcamp is wrong. Just found this out. So this whole segment is well, void. Ish.
This is their bandcamp, make sure to read the bit at the bottom cause it's hilarious. By the way, name your own price doesn't always mean it's free.... Give the guys some money, k? K.


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