Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Arteries - Dead Sea

The Arteries are basically what it would be like if AFI never made that awkward turn after 'Black Sails in the Sunset'. I'm fairly certain that's the most accurate description of this band I've read/heard yet, and I'm pretty proud of it. I guess I'm not really proud of it; it's kind of an obvious comparison and all. The vocalist definitely croons (can you call it that?) in a similar fashion to the Davey Havok we all know and love, and the rhythm section is punk as a duck whereas the leads sounds like they were constructed by Anti-Flag or one of the fifteen billion guitarists from Bad Religion. This is all topped off with a definitely hint of orgcore influence, considering some tracks sound dead on Hot Water Music blended with 'New Wave' era Against Me! and pretty much anything Rise Against shits out. What's cool about all of these sounds coming together is the fact that it sounds fucking awesome as a result.

'Dead Sea' is the recent badass release from this U.K. group The Arteries, and it's definitely some top of the line shit. Every song perfectly stays its welcome and accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do, whether that is to inspire or declare that all hope is lost. However, all hope is not lost, after all, for The Arteries have put the entire album up on bandcamp for name-your-own-price download. How fucking cool of them is that? You can stream the entire album and think to yourself, "is this my kind of shit, or should I just pass it on?" I mean, chances are you're going to download the album after you're three songs in and singing along to the incredibly catchy and well written "No Place Like Home", so all my money is on that. Do with this power what you will, but I know I'm using the power to download this record and play it on repeat while I hop on Counter Strike or some other online FPS and kick some ass (also known as "suck really badly"). What you do is entirely up to you though, boys and girls. But if you want my opinion, you now have it:  'Dead Sea' is a fucking awesome full length record and The Arteries are a fucking awesome punk band. BOOM!


The Arteries - Dead Sea
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