Monday, February 6, 2012

P.S 118 / Oliver Revilo - Don’t Hit Me! I’ll Hit Me!

A couple New Jersey bands thought it was a capital idea to release a twinkly emo/indie 8-song split recently. I guess they were absolutely correct about this being a solid idea, because the split is absolutely gorgeous. Or whatever word you think we should use there. Cool? Awesome? Partyful? Sexy? Connectitude? I don’t know, dudes. All I know is that this shit hits the spot with me. I guess that means it’s like pizza or something delicious.

P.S 118’s side of the split is dominated by some of the catchiest indie/emo sing-a-longs to be released this year. I guess that’s not that crazy, considering this year has just begun, but still, I’m sure if I were reviewing this a few months in the future I’d use the same exact declaration. So fudge off. I think their band name is a reference to the school Arnold went to in that 90s cartoon Hey Arnold! It might also just actually be a school in New York for all I know, though. So I’m not going to take any chances. One thing for certain is that P.S 118 is an excellent twinkly emo band, as demonstrated by some of the coolest guitar leads since American Football and Braid ruled the emo scene.

The sounds that stand out on the P.S 118 half of the split are pretty hard to decide on. All 4 songs are amazing to me, but I guess if I would have to pick only 2, I’d say “Now I’ll Never Meet Bob Saget” and “Choco Taco, Go Phillies!” do it for me. “Bob Saget” is just one of the catchiest ones on the split, with gang vocals boasting the line “We are not the most valiant of men, and oh god, does it show!” That’s the kind of line you find yourself singing along to on your second playthrough of the record. The wording is right down my alley and the emotion behind it is great. “Choco Taco” is just a fun song overall. It utilizes one of those chord progressions that just makes things feel all right for a moment, and the way the bass line walks around it is just so charismatic and enjoyable. The lyrics are as memorable as the rest of the split, and it’s definitely a solid way to end the P.S 118 half of this release.

Oliver Revilo take the proverbial stage next, starting with the song “Fozzy, I’m Back!” After the drum counts the song in, clean guitar leads follow like a little kid follows his older brother around the playground in a similar manner to dust sticking to Pig-Pen from those Peanuts comic strips. I just double analogied; I’m pretty cool. Seriously though, this song is great. The vocals are hectic and disastrous, which is absolutely a positive thing. I don’t know how into emo our general readership is, but considering the amount of it I review, I’m going to guess there’s a pretty decent emo fandom in the Idle and the Bear realm. I want to read comments from those people regarding this split, because I can’t be the only person who thinks this release is as awesome as I consider it to be. Some of the drum fills on the Oliver side of this split are just perfect, really. There’s a bit of sloppiness to these songs, but it’s the kind of sloppiness most people dig. Like sloppy joes or something. Oliver Revilo just do an excellent job of ensuring that people will love the heck out of both sides of this split.

I don’t know, man, I just love these songs. I was in an awful mood today and this split definitely fixed me right up. I feel like every first aid kit should come with this CD neatly packed inside. These songs should also be the music they play when they put a person on hold on a suicide hotline. Maybe I’m just overly excited or whatever. Who cares? You should just definitely listen to this split. You can find both sides on it on the bands’ individual bandcamp pages, which I will link you to below. If you like it, be sure to leave a comment or two on this review. We love that kind of shit and so do the bands. Excellent split! Seriously!


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