Thursday, February 9, 2012

Micah Brown / James Brown - Islands

If you're on a search for the most brotherly love to not come out of Philadelphia, you needn't look any further than Charlottetown, apparently, for Micah Brown and James Brown have released a brotherly split album together and it's pretty much way cooler than anything you've ever done with your siblings, if you ask me.

James and Micah call this split release 'Islands', but I've had a much easier time just referring to it as 'super', or 'excellent', or perhaps 'fucking rad.' Choose your own adventure. Honestly, if you dig indie music blended rather nonchalantly with punk vibes, you're going to dig the hell out of this split. James Brown hits us up with two awesome acoustic tracks that will make you fall in love and fall over yourself in joy at the same time. I guess that actually depends on how lovesick you tend to get and how clumsy you find yourself to be in general, but still, awesome. Both these acoustic tracks are excellent and reminiscent of Warren Franklin and anything Justin Pierre has a hand in. 

Micah Brown's side of the split employs a full band worth of instruments, consisting of the usual suspects (electric guitar, bass, drums) coupled with his excellent vocals, which fall on the deeper side when compared to his brother James's higher tuned voice. These songs have more of a Sunny Day Real Estate feel to them, if you ask me. That just makes it better, really. Unless you happen to be one of those awkward creatures who doesn't enjoy Sunny Day. 

The latter song on the Micah side of this split is once again an acoustic number and just like James's two songs on the split, it's pretty great. There are excellent backup vocals that just make some sort of ba-du-dah type noises repeated while the acoustic plays us a happy chord progression and Micah's vocals paint us the somber story of what it's like to deal with depression day after day after day after way too long day. It sucks, we know.

Check out this split, seriously! No harm can come from it! Unless you have some weird kind of allergies to awesome which case you should probably stay away from Warren Franklin and Sunny Day Real Estate as well. Don't want our readers breaking out in hives. Could have a lawsuit on our hands.


Islands (split)

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