Thursday, February 9, 2012

Half Hearted Hero / Deadhorse - Split 7"

Animal Style and Broken Circles record labels have recently teamed up to release the coolest of the unlikely pairings of bands in the form of a split record between pop punk band Half Hearted Hero and post-rock group Deadhorse. If you're looking for a little bit of musical diversity to throw under the needle, you needn't look any further. This split is definitely the perfect blend of awesomeness. Take my fucking word for it.

Half Hearted Hero deliver two excellent pop punk jams a la Saves the Day (Through Being Cool era) and The Hotel Year and it's immediately followed by Deadhorse melting our proverbial faces with one of the coolest instrumental tracks to ever grace my ear drums and let alone this shitty planet. It's seriously hard to decide which half of this split takes away the gold medal, honestly. Whereas I love exciting as fuck pop punk music and I appreciate the awesome guest vocals from A Wilhelm Scream's Nuno Pereira, I have to say I might not have heard anything quite as, dare I say, epic as the instrumental track "New Bones". There's a gigantic cathartic build up and accompaniment of pianos and strings and choir vocals and ohmygod it's pretty freaking cool. It's so cool that I even forgot how to correctly use curse words, for love's sake.

You should just check the split out on bandcamp if you don't believe me how worthwhile the whole thing is. Once you've come over to the dark side with me and Anakin Skywalker, you can purchase the vinyl from either Animal Style or Broken Circles. That part is totally up to you. But, as the reviewer, it's up to me to decide how good this record is. I'd have to say that I'd give it at least an 8 out of 10 for what it is. If it's something you're into, you're going to love it. That's a fact. So give it a shot! Later!


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