Tuesday, July 5, 2011

American Alligator - Where the Other You Lives

Apparently my love affair with Massachusetts punk bands will never die. Someone sent this new album Where the Other You Lives by American Alligator (obviously from MA) my way, and I feel in love instantly. It's like this perfect blend of Latterman-type pop punk and some poppier Wonder Years/Mixtapes style pop punk.

This record may be only five songs long, but they definitely do nothing short of packing so much fucking awesomeness that it's almost absurd or even obscene. If you can even make it one song in without becoming addicted, you're some sort of superhero of the blandness variety. I mean, I'd give you a second chance, and instead of just 1 song in, we'd make it 3 songs in. All of these songs are beyond excellent. The recording quality is spot on, and the musicianship is excellent. The vocals are wonderful, real sounding, and powerful and the guitar leads the perfect touch to make the rest of the music feel at home.

This is definitely one for the books.

By that, I mean this EP is definitely going on quite a few top 10 lists. Like, top 10 reasons Massachusetts is a better state than your state. Or top 10 reasons to quit your life and go to every show American Alligator ever play.


American Alligator Bandcamp.
Idle and the Bear.


  1. Great Band, cool dude's. Check out The Handsomes also from mass.

  2. great fucking band

  3. this band rules! no doubt they'll become very well liked pretty quickly

  4. soooo good ^_________^