Sunday, July 10, 2011

Broadcaster - Joyride EP

Broadcaster are basically what it would be like if Everclear formed in 2010 rather than 1992. I mean, if I were to point out any band that is clearly a direct influence on the style of music Broadcaster plays, it would have to be Everclear. From the instrumentals to the vocals. I mean, there's definitely some influence from other 90s band in there, such as Jawbreaker and Green Day and probably more that I was too young to ever get into or something. That's my scapegoat.

So Broadcaster recently put out a new EP titled Joyride, and they have it posted for free download on their bandcamp page. It's the second release by this indie trio of 90s goodness, and it's also the better of the two. While only being four songs, this EP does its job to stick to you like crazy glue. The songs are all catchy and beautifully performed with pretty good lyricism. I mean, they also kind of all sound a bit like Everclear. But that kind of happens when you're in a band that sort of started as a 90s cover band. Everclear pretty much ruled the 90s. Seriously, don't believe me? Go watch the movie Loser and let me know what concert they go to.

The bass is fuzzier than a polar bear and it sets the perfect background for the guitar leads and drums to perform and perfect an atmosphere for the vocals to sit on top of. If you listen to this EP and don't fall in love, then you're probably a wicked witch and require water to be dumped on you immediately. Actually, that sounds like a pretty good test to use to find out if someone you suspect to be a witch is actually a witch. It's best to be certain before trying to burn somebody at the stake.


Joyride EP.
Idle and the Bear.

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