Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Devasted - Never Give Up

We all the know the story of Steve Austin, Six Million Dollar Man. I mean, it's as classic and fun for kids as the story of Santa Claus. But, what we might not be familiar with is the story of Devasted, the Six Million Dollar Band. I say this because, clearly, science has found a way to combine the bands Rancid and Dropkick Murphys into one, solid band made up of Italian badasses. I mean, the miracles of science astound me more and more each day. 

So yes, in a convoluted way I did just say Devasted sound like the Italian version of Rancid and Dropkick Murphys put together. And this is pretty accurate, as you'd agree upon listening to their new full length Never Give Up. But, what you would also notice after listening, is that the album is fucking great. It's not an unfamiliar style, but it's presented so awesomely and perfectly that you don't have much time or room for such criticisms. Yes, bands sound like bands. It doesn't take a genius or a pretentious asshole to discover this. 

Never Give Up is a 14-song demonstration of how excellent punk music can be whenever and wherever it's released. This music spans Oceans and hops fenced borders. This music fucks your ears and hugs your souls. Whoever said punk is dead…was probably right actually. Because somehow it became this spirit which manifests in whatever way it fucking wants. Something like that. /endrant.

You'd be doing yourself a serious disservice by not listening to Devasted. That's just how it is. Never Give Up is an excellent album, and it deserves your attention. You can find more information on getting your hands on this album over at Devasted's Facebook page. It's awesome. I promise it.


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