Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sister City - Carbon Footprint

Okay so, the biggest issue with how busy this month has been has to be the fact that it took me forever to get the chance to write up a review on this album. Sister City are two dudes from Massachusetts who have successfully collected all eight Pokemon badges and have defeated the Elite Four. I mean, this is just my unofficial biography on the two, but it's totally 100% accurate. Anyone who listens to their new album Carbon Footprint would totally agree with this. One time they even embarked on this Journey to Mount Doom to toss this ring into the volcano at the peak. Uh, the drummer Daniel also cut off a snake/horcrux's head with this ancient sword. These guys have been through a lot, and the chinks on their armor are displayed as awesome vocal melodies, killer lyrics, sweet beats, and overall awesome instrumentals. With these powers combined, they are...and awesome pop punk/indie band to rival the elder gods. Yeah, all that kind of shit.

Carbon Footprint is 12 tracks of pure awesomeness. Every song is as necessary as oxygen and pizza. You won't hear this shit anywhere else either, I'm serious. I think the song "Imperative" is proof enough of that. It's mostly drums, bass, and lyrics about what appears to be my life. But I guess it's vocalist/bassist/guitarist Adam's life.

There's not too much more I can tell you about this band, without spoiling a lot of the discovering you could be doing. This record is killer, the songs are murderers, and the band members are likely cereal killers. Cap'n Crunch, beware.

You can download this album for free at bandcamp, and rejoice in the pure awesome that it is. I mean, if you like Your Favorite Weapon and anything by The Taxpayers, then you're the target market here. And since the album is free, there's hardly a market, now is there? Hit it up!


Sister City.
Idle and the Bear.

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