Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gutless Wonder - Demo

This actually isn't really a review. I mean, in a way it is. It's more like promoting an awesome band. Micah and James are two brothers who apparently have awesome taste in music, ranging from I suppose pop punk to twinkly emo. Well, the two of them recorded these three songs that make up the first demo by the band Gutless Wonder. You can find it on bandcamp and give it a listen; it's definitely worth it. They remind me of like Spraynard meets Dads (NJ). It's fucking sweet. There's a lot of influence thrown into there. I'm pretty damn sure they like Defiance, Ohio. I mean, the song "Home" suggests that.

Check it out here!

They now have a full lineup and have another EP underway. I'll definitely be writing up a review on it once the walrus says the time has come.