Monday, July 4, 2011

Direct Hit! - Domesplitter

Kind of Like Records are putting out an anthology of Direct Hit! songs, entitled Domesplitter. The band describes the idea behind having released their music in small volumes (#1 through #5) as a tribute to how comic books are produced. And, just like with comics, a collection of the volumes comes out at some point, and this is it. Ten Direct Hit songs we're all already in love with are re-imagined and re-recorded with better quality and better musicianship. I guess the whole re-imagining aspect is sort of like when Marvel released Star Wars comics in newspapers, then later touched them up and added color before releasing as comic books. I'll go with that, since it involves Star Wars.

So, I guess what people are going to want to know is which songs sound better now, and which ones were perfect the way they were (or at least better). I could probably make a list of this, but it'd be kind of stupid. I mean, this is what the band wanted to do with their material. Being nitpicky about it is just stupid; they're the same great songs that we all know every line to and all lover to scream so loud that we can't hear vocalist Nick Woods anyway. That being said, "Snickers or Reese's" isn't as good as the original. Everything else is better. The recording quality is better, and everything might sound a little bit less like a mess of noise, but it's still a lot of fucking noise and excitement. So nothing is lost in translation.

Now that the band has a solid, consistent lineup, featuring danny Walkowiak on drums and Robbie Schroeder on bass guitar, they have the ability to really make their songs what they are. Everything feels organic and like it was played by dudes who have no issue with jamming their dicks off. Domesplitter will be released by Kind of Like Records for CD and vinyl on August 2nd. So look forward to that date.

OH, also, for people who aren't in the know regarding Direct Hit!, they're an amazing pop punk/rambunctious noise three-piece of guys who probably read a lot of comic books, watch a lot of scifi programs, and probably high five each other pretty often. It sounds like if you strapped a pair of balls on Screeching Weasel or The Dopamines. I'm not saying those bands don't have balls...I'm saying Direct Hit! has double the balls of the normal band. It's just how it is.


Monster In The Closet by Direct Hit!

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