Thursday, January 19, 2012

Flawless- Something I'll Never Miss

Flawless is this melodic hardcore band from Springfield, MO. Did you know that there were hardcore bands in Missouri? Yeah, me either! Crazy, right. It's a four-piece group that splits the vocals. This is their debut EP, released on December 17th of 2011. RIYL the 90s.
This album was about 300 times better than I expected it to.
The word hardcore scares me a little bit due to recent events in the teenage-midwest-music scene. I've never met an Ethan that I liked. Oh, and it's Missouri.
I'll stop poking fun now, I'm totally kidding. (Mostly.) The music is really good. It's one of those bands that clearly just has fun with it and you can picture them live. It's a five track EP with a Wonder Years meets Cursive sound. It's got great lyrics, and it does a pretty good job of staying equalized between all the instruments.
"Leap Year" is one of those songs that has a really exciting intro. You don't really know what the song's gonna sound like, but it builds it up like all hell. And then it turns out to be a good song. Crazy, right? It's angsty, too.   It's an interesting playing style and I enjoy it a lot.
"Model Home" has fabulous lyrics. You know those kind of lyrics that you instantly send to Idle and be like "Don't you wish you were reviewing this?"
I don't know. I might be the only one that does that. Anyway, the song has really great instrumentals. Their style is pretty basic when you just listen to it the first time, but the more you really start to listen to what they're doing, it's pretty interesting and I like it a lot. I have a feeling it'll have a little bit of an influence on the next handful of songs that are written in my household.
I want to punch people in the face during "1992." No lie. In a good way. Great song.
"Words" surprisingly has a lot of words in it. They're all good words, though. My favorite thing about this band so far is probably most definitely the lyrics.
Last but not least, "Free At Least" ends the record on a great note. I fully support and endorse this song. It's all fairly slow music, but it has interesting melodies and somehow manages to be slow and catchy at the same time.

PS. After doing some research, it turns out that Missouri kind of has a hardcore scene. The more you know!



  1. Hey you ignorant shit, KC's scene has been here for decades longer than your markass blogspot.

    Eat shit, 666

    - The 816

  2. But word on repping a Missouri band nonetheless.

  3. Springfield, MO has a really good hardcore scene with some really good new upcoming hardcore bands. 417 scene rules.

  4. HahahahhahahahahahHAHA. oh my god. I make fun of everyone's scene, and 90% of the time, I'm joking. It's okay, I promise.

    1. Lol I thinly the only one who took offense to this was Kansas City dude over