Sunday, January 22, 2012

Les Doux- Dialects

Les Doux is a bluesy screamo band from Hattiesburg, MS. This is their second EP, a follow up to a self-titled. It's a concept album about a son leaving home, and it's really really interesting. Released on the 21st of December.
First off, that album art makes me happy. Whoever did the text is very talented.
Anyway, the album is really really interesting. It really is an exact mix of blues and screamo- and it's mixed well. I'm not crazy about all aspects of the EP, but I am crazy about their musicianship.
"Interrogative" has a beautiful intro that made me smile. The guitar is chilling, and the lyrics are very interesting.
On another note, their drummer continues to impress me throughout the album. They're all great musicians, but the drums really stood out to me.
"Declarative," as you would guess, is more angry and direct than "Interrogative." For once, the songs actually have to do with the song titles. That's rare in today's modern world. I'm proud.
It starts to fade more out of the blues and more into the screamo style as the EP progresses.
"Exclamatory" is well, exclamatory. Angry and harsh sounding. "Imperative" is an order. Clearly. (I'm like your middle school english teacher all over again!)
Overall, the guys do a great job with the concept and the style. Very impressed.
There's room to improve, as always. I wasn't crazy about some of the stylistic choices, but overall, I'm fairly impressed. Can't wait to see where they go with their music.


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