Sunday, January 1, 2012

Lee Corey Oswald- Moon Songs

Lee Corey Oswald is a folk punx duo that has expanded into a full-band for it's LP debut, Moon Songs. They hail from Portland. The songs are honest, catchy, and heartfelt. It was released on cassette in December of 2011, and will soon be put on an expanded release, too. :) RIYL The Good Life meets Against Me!. Kind of. More like the Motorcycle Industry.
Have you guys ever wondered what it would sound like if a kitten, a unicorn, and Mike from Monsters Inc started a folk punk band together? That sounds nothing like Lee Corey Oswald. It's like a reverse analogy, because that hypothetical band would sound like shit. They would probably be cute, though.
In all seriousness, this release surprised me.
It sneaks up on you.
At first, you're like "Eh. Pretty good." and then all the sudden you want to rewind tracks. And then you're replaying the album... And then it hits you.
This release is great. The lyrics are fantastic. I'm not too crazy about some of the melodies or guitar lines, but the badass vocals, lyrics, and bass/drum beats fully make up for it.
The cassette tape came with these badass little cards made up of fancy paper with all the album info printed on it. I love it. The person that made these is a kickass human being. The first thing I noticed when I looked through them was "holy shit there are a lot of instruments in this band" and then I started to hear it.
Oh, and they thank Satan in their thank yous. It was adorable.
"Dream Song" is by far my favorite track. The keyboards are fucking adorable. You guys have no idea. The lyrics are fantastic. The melody is really, really addictive.
"Stare At The Moon" is another fantastic one. I love it. It's very catchy, upbeat, and the picking style is gorgeous.
Honestly, it's hard to find things about this album to criticize... Check them out!


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