Monday, January 2, 2012

Summer Salt- The Places You Call Home

Summer Salt is this really awesome indie/folk pop band from Bloomington, IN. Not only are they from one of the coolest towns in the US, they're really fun to listen to. They have seven members, wow. Emi Knight fronts the group, joined with Ali Homan, Jenna Beasley, Dave Segedy, Jess Childs, Micah Bontrager, and Oliver Ceelen. They released this in June of 2011.
The music is really calming and sweet. It reminds me a little bit of Eisley, actually. The first song, "The Sun" is a cute short track that fades into a more energetic song, "Emi Completely." The lyrics are really, really nice and the girls do amazing harmonies. "Heart Races" is another slow one, with a great beat. "Learning So Much" is probably one of my favorites... Really sweet song with great melodies. It's just so fucking cute. I love the lyrics and I'm obsessed with Emi's voice.
"Tiptoe Dancers" has the best, best best harmonies! Oh, and the bass is like chocolate raindrops. No lie. It is exactly like that. I love the guitar in "I Saw You Coming." This song is almost a little jazzy, which I enjoy.
"A Love Song" has nice picking and cute lyrics. "Mosquito" is super fucking addicting. 
I could go on, but I won't. It's really cute mostly-acoustic and sometimes-electric indie pop that will make your insides go "squee." It's extremely creative and talented,but it's pretty simple. It's very mellow. How many other sentences can I start with the word "it's"? Who knows.
I think I'm going to start falling asleep to this. It's awesome.


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  1. I gotta admit some of the songs are now my favorites. Emi's second album is just great!