Monday, January 16, 2012

Gillian Carter/Ghost Aviary Split

To begin this review, I’d like to set you up with a few things you might need:

  1. Links to the Gillian Carter and the Ghost Aviary halves of the split.
  2. A fair warning that we’re entering the bold and sometimes abrasive world of lo-fi recordings.
  3. Ice cream! (I can’t really give you ice cream. Internet isn’t that advanced yet. Sucks, right? I mean, if you feel like driving to Cincinnati, I can hook you up with some cookies ’n’ cream. But otherwise, you might just wanna pop into a convenient store and grab some ice cream before continuing the review. It’s dangerous to go alone.)
Now you’re as prepared as I am!

Gillian Carter are a skramz band from Palm Bay, Florida and Ghost Aviary are a sloppyskramz band and also from Palm Bay. The Urban Dictionary definition of skramz is, “a new term for the screamo/emo bands of the 90s, or anythign that is REAL screamo/emo.” I’m assuming it’s sort of like how some ska bands call themselves trad-ska so that people know they’re better/cooler than other ska bands. The definition goes on to question whether the term ’skramz’ is to be taken seriously or not, and that it was most likely, “created in revolt of the shitty ’new’ emo bands and self-proclaimed ‘emo’ kids” It’s always a bit refreshing to find out that genres other than ska and pop punk have to deal with all the same first world problems as we do. DEFEND POP PUNK. 

Wow, that paragraph had a good deal of red and green squiggly lines under certain words/sentences. I’m glad you guys can’t see the writing process from my point of view. 

Gillian Carter’s half of the split is pretty solid overall. It starts off with a song jam packed with screaming/yelling. I’m not 100 percent on what is being shouted, but it sounds like it’s either one of these things:

  1. White rights.
  2. White rice.
  3. Black flag.
  4. Riot riot.
  5. Right right.
  6. Idle and the Bear is the best thing to happen to the internet since napster.
It’s probably neither of those things, actually, but it’s hard to say. I don’t think it matters. I honestly can’t understand the lyrics in any of these songs, but it doesn’t take away from the experience for me. The only beef I have at all with the Gillian half of the split is that the snare drum sounds really, really ugly. Other than that, there are five short but sweet skramz tunes for all the skramz fans to yell and fist pump along to. 

You may recall from earlier on in this review an instance in which I referred to Ghost Aviary as sloppyskramz rather than just skramz. I don’t honestly like they’re sloppy or anything...that’s just what the drummer Tim told me to refer to them as. They’re just as skramz as Gillian Carter, and more importantly, just as good. 

Ghost Aviary’s half of the split starts off with my favorite song from either side of this motherfucker, “Chelsea.” It starts off with a burst of power and then calms down for some scream/yell vocals. I overall enjoy the Ghost half of the split more than I do the Gillian half. I feel sketchy stating this since the drummer of Ghost is a close friend of the bear and I, but to be fair he was also a part time drummer in Gillian. So they start off on equal grounds with me...the ground Ghost Aviary stand on just raises up a bit while listening to their bit of the split. The songs are entertaining on musical terms and as something to yell along to and skramz it up with. 

You’re pretty much set as a skramz fan with this split in your hands. You also should totally get this split in your hands; it’s awesome when it’s shit you’re into. You can order the split or you can just enjoy the bandcamp links I set you up with; it’s entirely up to you! I’ve done my work.


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