Sunday, January 1, 2012

Museum Mouth- Sexy But Not Happy

Museum Mouth is an indie band from Southport, SC. They've been together for a few years now, and this is a January 2012 release! Woo! They are Karl Kuehn (see also) on drums and vocals, Graham High on guitar, and Kory Urban on bass. RIYL Hymie's Basement, SWTHRT, Lovvers

This album is a pretty interesting sound. I absolutely love the album booklet, first off. The pictures are adorable and funny. It starts off on "Goodbye, Evan" which has a pretty good melody. I really like the guitar line, but it's a little redundant, to be honest. "Sexy But Not Happy," the title track, wins the award for the best track name and probably the best song on the album. "Big Problems" is another one that I liked, it has a really nice drum rhythm to it.
It has a very interesting mix of lo-fi and pop punk to it. It's very guitar heavy and is pretty dance-y. To be honest, I think it loses me on some of the tracks. But that's not because it isn't good, it's just not catching me, I suppose.
The lyrics are really really great and the melodies are fun, too. Overall, I would say it's a good. album. It's not my favorite, partially because it's just not my genre and partially because I've heard it before. It's definitely got it's catchiness to it, though. I would say it's good driving music, probably. 
I think this band is going to have those people that absolutely love it (most definitely) and people that can't stand it. I'm somewhere in between, leaning towards the first.

Check them out! :) If I'm wrong, tell me I'm super wrong and threaten to fight me. Or something. Maybe we could just play it in the car together.


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