Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Warren Franklin - Your Heart Belongs to the Midwest

Today is a good day. My only real reason for saying that is that this album I’m reviewing right now is nothing less than fucking amazing. Warren Franklin is an acoustic punk deity. For real. He plays this acoustic brand of emo/indie/punk goodness that absolutely everyone in the world would probably love. Infectious vocals, emotional lyrics that pull you in, and the occasional percussion and horn work added into the mix. This is all made special by the absolutely amazing vocals that top it all off. Warren’s voice is the perfect blend of raspy and endearing. I think I’m in musician love.

Warren Franklin did us all the amazing favor of releasing a second full length titled ‘Your Heart Belongs to the Midwest’. The album is packed with 12 songs that make you want to immediately leave everything behind and get in some shitty Econoline-esque van and hit the road with your other folk punk friends and play a bunch of house parties for people just as lost and fucked as yourself. Maybe that’s just what the songs do to me, actually. They might paint an entirely different picture for you...and that’d also be awesome.

Songs to be sure to check out for this release would definitely have to be “Bro Downs Know No Bounds”, “You Get Weary”,  and “St. Peters”. Actually, you should just listen to the entire album through like 50 times. It’s probably my favorite release of 2011. It’s definitely somewhere up there on my top list. You can check it out on bandcamp for free if you don’t believe me. Be sure to check out the rest of the dudes on Count Your Lucky Stars too!


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