Sunday, September 25, 2011

SWTHRT- Compact Disk

What started off as a senior graduation project for Becca High turned into one of the coolest bands I know... Becca (keyboards, vocals, percussion) and Karl Kuehn (guitar, vocals, bass, percussion) combine their indie, new wave, punk, and whatever else influences into making an interesting and fun sound for all to enjoy. It's also an interesting combination that we're seeing more and more often these days- the punk DIY work ethic and a shoegaze/indie sound. Based out of Southport NC, they released this album themselves on June 14th of this year. RIYL The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Joy Division, New Order, or the Cure.
"Good Omens" starts off with a great bass line. I love powerful bass- it makes me really happy. Then the rest of the music starts in, and I feel like I'm in a David Bowie music video. (For the record, I'd love to be in a David Bowie music video.) It's a really great song. Kuehn's deep voice mixes really well with the laid-back instrumentals of the sound, and I love when Becca joins in with a little harmony. It's a little repetitive, but it's interesting enough that I don't mind at all.
"I Am In Misery" has some really cool melodies to it. It's got some awesome lyrics, and as per the usual, I love the tone of the music. Not one of my favorites on the LP, but still a great song.
"Long Hair Don't Care" is a favorite for me. First off, that phrase always has and always will make me laugh really hard. Anyway, the song itself rocks. Do you guys know what swthrt sounds like? It's one part unicorns, one part smoothies, one part bass, one part treble, and three parts happy. I think that translates better than any lame adjective I could find on Really.
"Boys With Problems" is maybe my favorite. I'm not sure. It's up there, though. The lyrics are definitely my favorite hands down, and I really, really like the percussion in this song.
"So Dumb" is the catchiest song on the album. Possibly one of the catchiest songs ever. 
"Maggie Valley" is a nice little instrumental in the middle. It is very pretty. Also, is that a tambourine? I love tambourines. 
"Aloha Y'all" straight up reminds me of my friend Olivia. It describes every time we hang out pretty much spot on.. And so I think I like this song a little more than the others just due to personal reasons. However, I enjoy it a lot too. The percussion is really cool (as I keep saying over and over and over again...) and the melody is really soothing.
"Terror Dread" is a really cool song. It's very unique and it's a song that you can really just close your eyes and relax to.
"No Holiday" is a badass song. I love it. I love it so much. The melody = wonderful. I want to dance to it FOREVER.
"I Hate This" has more Becca-singing than any other song. And it's great. They harmonize really well and her voice is really soothing. The keyboards are addictive as hell in this song.
Lastly, "Sunroof" really picks up the energy and I love it! The lyrics are fucking great and the intro is amazing... Overall, just a big thumbs up.
Everything on this record is awesome.

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