Monday, September 26, 2011

Dan Webb and the Spiders - Much Obliged

If I could sum up the album 'Much Obliged' by Dan Webb and the Spiders in only one word, my job would be a lot easier. But, alas, I must use quite a few more words than that. I mean, not too many more words...don't expect that much out of me, guys.

Dan Webb and the Spiders are a punk band of sorts from Boston, Massachusetts (a state which has recently been a musical goldmine). The vocals kind of sound like if Tom Gabel and Tim Armstrong had their voices mixed together into some sort of gruff, accented hybrid. And the music pretty much varies song to song while maintaining to sustain this sort of antique quality to it. There's influences from all over the spectrum (excluding rap-metal, for some weird reason) that generally stick to a sort of pop/pop punk style as their primary sound. It feels like even when the rhythm section is playing a general punk type of song, the lead guitar does a lot to bring this classy feel to it, like in the song "Flyover Country". But there's also just songs like "28 Years" which just completely go for a strictly classy and bluegrassy feel and leave most of the punk vibe behind in the wreckage, while bringing along the gruff vocals for the ride.

Dan Webb and the Spiders kind of remind me of Signals Midwest from Ohio, and that's also pretty awesome. They also just have so much of their own sound being represented that I think it may be safe to assume that after listening to 'Much Obliged', someone could immediately identify a song as being by them without having previously heard the song in question. But hey, I also think my house is haunted. So you might not want to trust my opinion on anything. But, if you do happen to be one of the foolish/awesome few who trust my opinion on shit like this, you should probably take it to heart when I say that this album is fucking awesome and you should be getting your hands on it as soon as possible. Even if it's just your digital hands or whatever. They have a few of the songs up on their bandcamp page! That's pretty rad. But if you prefer your physical hands to their digital counterparts, you can order the vinyl from Gunner Records. It'll be one of the best decisions you've made this year; I guarantee it.

Check them out! They're awesome. Promise.


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