Tuesday, September 6, 2011

DC Fallout- Serfs Up

DC Fallout, friends and some of Idle and the Bear's favorite musicians, released a new album this past June- Serfs Up. If you haven't heard it yet, you need to get around to it. DC Fallout is a great blend of political intelligence, energy, and fun. RIYL Antillectual, Propagandhi

The record starts off strong and fast with "The Great Contradiction." No corners are cut with their brutally honest lyrics, and a lot of effort clearly went into the music. Ricardo Luna is a fabulous drummer (yes, fabulous) and Scott Hallquist's voice is like... really badass butter. Yeah, so similes aren't my best talent. Either way, I love it. The energy behind the music is raw and I get really into it. 
"A Man Without A Country" is a softer song, but still awesome. Very guitar heavy, but no complaints there. DC Fallout does something great for all of us- it takes the anger we have for the government and modern society, and puts it into brilliant words. They aren't just angry punks without a cause (hello, James Dean)- they're educated and know that something isn't right here. It doesn't hurt that the music rocks, too.
"Disconnect" is the best song on the album. It includes a lot of Thoreau-esque thoughts, which I adore. The music is also extremely addictive and impressive. The guitar outro is amazing.
"Poverty Blind" follows the same trend we keep seeing with these guys. Lyrics? Check. Vocals? Check. Bass? Check. Guitar? Check. Drums? Check. Everything has been checkmarked for audibly delicious. Yes, audibly is a word. I really love what the guys do with guitar harmonies, and the bass side of the song is interesting and abstract.
"Alien Nation" is a super catchy song. It throws in some nice background harmonies, the drums are fast as fuck, and the bass is showcased for once! I love hearing raw bass. It just sounds so badass. A+.
The title track, last but not least, is "Serfs Up." The most important thing about this song is that the title is a pun. The pun is both intelligent and hilarious. The song is also great. I spent a lot of it giggling and making feudal system jokes about the beach with Idle, but this song really makes WAVES. 


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