Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Bear interviews Dave Beaudreau of Our Lives In Motion

Our Lives In Motion (Worcester, MA) is one of the recent obsession-bands of Idle and I. I got ahold of their last EP, Stages, recently (read here) and we've been addicts ever since. It's like Trainspotting, but without the baby and heroin. Anyway, I was lucky enough to get a chance to talk to the vocalist, Dave Beaudreau about the band's past, present and future. Read away, my dears!

What is your favorite part of being a musician?
 My favorite part of being a musician is having the ability to express myself through music. I love creating songs that tell a story and giving others the opportunity to connect to. There is no better feeling than playing a show and looking out seeing fans singing along. That's when I really feel that I’ve made a connection and impacted someone's life positively. Music is a huge outlet for me.

When can we expect a full length from you guys?
Funny you ask. We recently released up our second EP “Stages”, which has done really well since it’s release on May 3rd. Days before finishing up the EP, we all started talking about writing new songs, semi-jokingly, because Stages wasn’t even finished. So to cut this story short, I think we were gone from Florida and heading back to MA for about an hour before Tony started working on new ideas in the van. I predict we will be demoing out new ideas in the next couple weeks and hopefully will have a full length out by Spring/Summer 2012! We are very progressive in our ways and like to keep the songs rolling. We never want our fans to get bored with the same old songs.

How long have you been a band? Are you all original members?
Our Lives in Motion has been a band for little over 2 years now. Since our formation in late 2009, we have had our fair share of member changes. To date, Tony and I (Dave) are the only original members. Member changes are never easy but it seems every band since the beginning of time have had to cross the path. As much as I’d like to say our days of shifting members are over you, can never be to sure. As attitudes and desires change, you never know what surprises lie around the corner. One thing I can say for sure is that I am here to stay.

Have any fun Warped Tour stories? 
Too many to tell, honestly- both personal and with the band. So I’ll choose one. 2010 Massachusetts Warped Tour is one I think we will never forget. This story is more tragic than fun but we have all found humor in the situation. Being rookies to the larger music festivals, when we arrived and dropped our gear we sorta allowed our guitars and amps to be mixed in the sea of gear that lie behind the stage. Being a little naive we thought nothing of leaving our gear hanging unattended and went straight to our tent, sold some merch, and connected with some fans. As our set time rolled around we scurried over to the Earnie Ball Stage to get our gear in line, only to find that Tony’s guitar had gone missing. Soo to make a long story short we had to borrow a guitar from one of our friends that was not set up to our specs and the darn thing would not stay in tune, this made for a really rough set for us. No worries though there is a happy ending to this story! By the end of the day Tony was reunited with his baby and to this day no piece of gear we own goes unmarked. Anyone reading this please take note to this tip! ALWAYS have distinct markings on your gear that are easy to identify!

Who writes the majority of the songs? Is it a group effort, or a particular leader?
The writing of our songs is definitely a group effort. One thing I can without doubt say about our newest record “Stages” is that everyone did their part. Tony, more times than not, builds the foundations to our songs and from there we all contribute from there. We work as a team and that is one of the greatest things about our band. 

Where do you see yourselves in 10 years?
Ten years is a really long time but ideally, I'd love our band to be as big as we can possibly be at the time and still growing. I believe we all have our ideas of where we’d like to be but I think we can all agree that it wouldn’t hurt to be playing arenas and making our mark! The music industry is a tough thing to tango with but as I’ve always been told... “ If you really want something bad enough and believe you can have it, you will get it”

How has your sound evolved?
As the member of Our Lives in Motion grow and existing members change so does our sound. We at the core will always be OLIM and we will always carry a certain stamp but our individual influences are what allows our sound to evolve. I hate to say each song we write matures from the last but it is very true. As we grow as musicians our minds expand and with each song we write we learn more and more how to mix our many influences together to create different sounding, better songs.

Do you plan on continuing to release music independently, or are you looking for a record label to sign you?
We will continue releasing music independently until the RIGHT opportunity presents itself. As I previously mentioned, the music industry is a tough place right now. With a terrible economy and extreme over-saturation, it has become harder and harder to be a band and even harder for labels to do their jobs as labels. Our Lives In Motion, like most other artists, is looking for success and is seeking support and if we are presented with the right opportunity, we will certainly take it. Being an independent artist is no easy task.

What are your favorite bands to play live with?
Honestly, we love to play with any band with great attitude and any band that truly loves what they are doing. Its all about attitude and how bands carry themselves both on and off the stage. We love having fun and really enjoy playing with real musicians that just love what they are doing. It's all about the passion!

Thanks Dave!

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