Monday, September 12, 2011

Dude Jams - How to Abuse Everything

I've had a pretty difficult time finding out much about the band called Dude Jams. It seems like all I know about them is that they're either really into drugs (or just dig talking about drugs), that they definitely enjoy drinking as much beer as possible (Dopamines style), they have fun parodying Propagandhi album titles and cover art, and that they're located in Texas. That's basically what all my research has there's your bio. That's what you need to know about the band...apart from what you'll learn about them in the next paragraph! And then the few after that...

Dude Jams have this habit of writing infectious pop punk songs...which I guess explains their band name. They basically sound like a mix between Off With Their Heads and a barrel of laughing gas. Something had to happen in order to make their main focus in the music world be a dark sense of humor and an awesome sense of melody. They play pop songs for the every day loser, stoner, and beer can crusher. They also play songs for anyone who just digs awesome music. They mostly just play songs for their own amusement though...I'm pretty sure of that.

My favorite part of this album, apart from the fact that every song has a sing a long element, would have to be that most of the songs time in at under two minutes, which is just perfect for my lack of ability to pay attention to anything. I seriously can barely listen to Fucked Up or Streetlight Manifesto; I don't need six minute punk songs, like at all. Nothing against Fucked Up, though. And whatever about Streetlight, nobody cares. Point is, Dude Jams are awesome and this album is rad.

If you were wanting to just take this album for a quick trial run, you'll probably want to listen to the songs "Don't Try", "Flower Eaters" (this one starts off sounding like a Foo Fighters song for some reason), "Drink, Drank, Panic" and "Disappointment is an Understatement". I mean, you should just listen to the full album right away, because it's awesome and short. But, if you feel like you must discover the best songs first, you can always just do it that way...and then follow it by rocking out to the rest of the album.

So, yeah. You should by this album from ADD Records (Tampa). Because...that's the American thing to do. And everybody's being really American this past couple of days...not so much today. But maybe we can make everyone be American today. It will go down in history as the day that everyone decided to purchase 'How to Abuse Everything' by Dude Jams. 9/12/2011. Never forget.


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