Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ghost Knife- Kill Shelter, Yes!

Ghost Knife (includes members of Riverboat Gamblers, J Church, High Tension Wires) is a great new indie group that I've fallen in love with! Kill Shelter, their debut album, was just released today and it rocks my world, like badass musicians are wont to do.... RIYL the Thermals, Marked Men, Spits, Scared of Chakra, and the Weakerthans.

Ghost Knife surprised me. As someone who's been listening to the Riverboat Gamblers (Mike Wiebe) and J Church (Ben Snakepit, Chris Pfeffer), I was expecting more of a punk sound from these guys. However, that is not what I got. I was, however, correct in assuming that this band would be awesome. Ghost Knife is very indie/ pop punk on quaaludes. Not that these guys are on quaaludes- they're just chill... Anyway.
"Omnipotent" starts off on a great foot with a catchy and interesting riff and awesome vocals. I love this song. It's very dance-y, and it's got a sweet bass line. All the instruments play off of each other quite a bit, and I love it.
"Pixiedust" is very similar, but a slower song. This song makes me laugh, because when asked about Ghost Knife, Mike Wiebe said that he wanted to push away from the punk sphere towards a sound similar to "more laid-back stuff, like the Pixies." Get it? Pixies? Pixiedust? Really though, Ghost Knife has a very unique sound that's super addictive.
"Bahamas Breeze" is probably my favorite song on the album. It's very feel good, upbeat, & has some awesome instrumentals. It's a great song, and describes the overall tone of Ghost Knife very well.
Skipping down the album a little bit, we get a different sound from "...And That's How We Get Nitrogen", which is a lot slower and more laid-back than the rest of the album. It's simple, but still interesting. 
"Frustrated Maths" definitely makes me think of some classic rock greats. It's got a very 70-ish feel and the lyrics are BADASS. Love it.
The last song I'll touch upon is "Ulcers/Milk", which is probably the most interesting song on the album. It's a slow, almost-bluesy song with lyricism that makes me smile.

Normally, I like to just list the best songs on an album... But for the record, I loved every song on this piece of work. It was hard to pick which songs to mention, really. This album gets the bear seal of approval, or whatever the hell I give to good bands.


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