Monday, September 19, 2011

Ghost Robot Ninja Bear - Ghost Robot Ninja Bear

Ghost Robot Ninja Bear is basically the creative outlet for musician Oscar Albis Rodriguez. He's accompanied by different dudes on occasion in an effort to rock his music out on a grander-than-acoustic scale, which is something I can relate to because that's also what I try to do. That's also kind of a Jeff Rosenstock sort of thing, and a Rick Johnson sort of thing. It's kind of just a common thing, but they're more accustomed to using iPods, whereas it appears that when Oscar doesn't have the bandmates to support him he just goes acoustic and rocks it out that way.

Ghost Robot Ninja Bear kind of sound like what it would be like if The Ramones grew up on 90s radio rock and picked up a metal guy to write some guitar and do some scathing vocals. I mean, honestly dudes, that's about the best way I can describe them. So basically, they're a little bit like Nofx in sound but definitely something I'd find myself listening to more often. This self titled EP or LP or whatever 8 songs turns out to be is a pretty awesome release for a young band.

Another cool thing about this release is that you can just stream the fucker on bandcamp. And if you're not really into using bandcamp, you can just download the album! It's free (if you're a cheap ass like me, it's really set to 'name your own price')! Actually, you should totally give them like 5 dollars for it, because it's totally worth your money. It's an eclectic piece of musical awesomeness with zero genre restrictions. Oscar does what he wants and he does it however he wants to do it and the result is some great punk-whatever music for our enjoyment. So yeah, check this album out. It's for your own good. You're just cheating yourself out of something great if you don't. So don't be an idiot. Best advice anyone could ever receive. I wish somebody gave me that advice years ago!


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