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The Bear interviews the girls of Through The Static!

Read more about Through The Static and their first EP here. I didn't proofread this because I'm lazy, get over it. Through The Static is an AWESOME pop punk band from the east coast, and the girls are like the best friends I always wanted but never had in school. Who can beat that?

Jess- guitar
Kashmir- bass

What bands would you say have inspired your music the most? 
J: Definitely old Green Day, Bad Religion, Bikini kill, The Clash, Pansy Division,  The Ramones- tons more, but I'll cut it off there for now, haha. I'm pretty much into everything punk. From old school, hardcore, pop punk, name it.

K: I'm big on Flipper, early green day, The UK Subs, Regan Youth, X-Ray Spex, The Queers etc. Definitely more old school punk influences.

A: Eve 6, Bayside, Heathers, Bomb The Music Industry!, Paul Baribeau, Andrew Jackson Jihad.. Glen Miller. HA just kidding.I definitely bring the alternative/acoustic/folk punk side to this band though. If that's even a side.. I'm not sure.

K: That's a lot of sides,

J: And when you combine everyone's influences..

A: It's like they had a big orgy!

J: Yeah! It's like they have a big orgy and then out pops us .                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Was it a conscious decision to be a female pop-punk group, or is that just how things worked out?
J: It wasn't a conscious decision in the beginning when TTS first started out. We just wanted to play -- the very first bass player we had was a dude. He was only around for a month though haha. At some point, probably after that fiasco, we decided it was much cooler/unique to be an all girl band & I haven't given up on the idea since. I think Amie & Kash really like the idea of it too.

A: Yeah, but it turns out female musicians are really hard to come by in the L.I. music scene

J: I feel like finding a chick drummer is the worst - unless you live in Brooklyn of course.

Are there any fun stories behind the nicknames?
J: Oh god. You had to ask.

K: Just to get things straight my real name is Kashmir!

A: Yes it is but we actually call her KashMoneyKash..or Kash

J: I don't believe her check her birth certificate!

K: I feel like there is a story behind every nickname.

A: We come up with names for everything. There is a story behind my name.."Amie 2.0"
The old singer of this band was also named Amie..with an "i e" too. Kinda freaky.

K: Amie 2.0 because she is the better version of the other Amie - get it?

J: Yeah its fucked up but it fits. I also have two names "Jess Fresh" which people have been calling me forever..long story short, someone called me a "fresh bitch" & my friend I was with started calling me jess fresh cause it rhymed together well - very fitting, no?

A: Yeah that's because you are an asshole

J: haha fuck you! I know. I am. Oh..& Amie calls me "Jessnut" every time we play "Chestnut Ave."

K: I like Jessnut, it's also very fitting.

J: I guess I'm just one crazy asshole.

A: Ew for some reason I just visualized that

Why nicknames instead of real names?
A: Why not? Giving nicknames to people is fun!

J: I agree with that statement.

K: Our name's on facebook are always changing.

J: I think it's funny

A: Asshole.

J: Guilty.

On Facebook, you list both past and present members. Who is currently in the band?
K: I'm in the band!

J: I recently changed that! muhaha Sorry about the confusion!

A: I think I'm in the band too. Currently it's me, Jessnut & Kashmir. We have a temp drummer at the moment.

K: Drummers are a pain in the ass to find here.

J: Fuck you Brooklyn! Just kidding I love the shit out of Brooklyn.
Good music coming out of there these days.

How has the music progressed?
J: Hm. Well I'd like to think we've gotten better.

A: Oh definitely.

J: The 3 songs on our first EP, "We Can Do It!" were the first three songs I ever wrote for this band. They're ancient..
I wrote Chestnut when I was 14, 15. We have more songs up that alley that haven't been recorded yet, we play them live.

A: There is new stuff Me & Jess have been working on that is heavily Bayside-y, Heathers influenced

J: huh. Wonder why

A: Shut up. There is pretty harmonies in some of the new stuff!

K: Yay Pretty!

J: Here are some song titles of the new shit with Amie:
 "Full Time Peanut", "Alcoholic's Make Shitty Friends", "Apple or Nausea?"

A: Jess usually does most of the song writing, so expect similar sounds from the old EP on our next EP with a taste of something different.

J: dundunDUN!!

What have been your best/worst experiences playing shows?
A: Jess GO!

J: Worst: Choking/Failing miserably like B-Rabbit in 8 mile in front of a bunch of pre-teens at a show with a unexpected turn out also I hate when my cable falls out of my guitar. It's really awkward.Someone buy me a wireless connection!

Best: Playing a battle of the bands at Santos Party House back last fall!

A: Kashmir GO!

K: Fucking up at shows just plain sucks. My favorite shows are the ones where I don't fuck up, or if we have an energetic crowd.

J: Amie GO!

A: Worst Show: Zebra Club. Acoustic Show with Jess, we were just off, but we got paid that night!

J&K: Band fund!

A: Best show, first show ever playing with Through the Static

What are your future plans for the band- what should we expect from Through The Static in the next few years?
K: Us continuing to be a band! I hope.

J: I want to play Warped Tour! That's a personal goal--any festival is fine. A more realistic one is to release a legit full length. I don't think i'm answering the question.

A: We want to release another EP/or full length (if we have the funds) in the near future

J: We have 16 songs in total as of this very moment!

A: Yep. We're playing these last two shows that we have in September,

J: One's in Dirty Jerz!

A: possibly playing one or two Halloween shows in October and then slowing down on shows to concentrate on tying up loose ends, writing new songs, and recording.

K: ..don't forget we also have to make the studio look pretty

J: Yeah we need to give our studio a make over.

A: Hopefully in the next few years you will still be hearing about Through the Static, we will have at least 2 new releases out, 1-2 tours under our belt, (hopefully) clothing endorsments, and if were not signed by then, well definately be represented by a management company.

J: Yep we're already talking to a few management companies. YAY.

Any tours planned anytime soon?
J: we might do a very short mini-tour stint in the fall if Amie allows it. Which isn't very likely actually...

A: Look out for us summer '12! At the very least we will be touring the east coast!

J: Make sure to STAY TUNED to the static! Check our facebook page for updates on shows!

IATB facebook.
TTS facebook.


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