Monday, September 19, 2011

Half Hearted Hero - Running Water 12"


That right there is the subtitled for this review. Seriously though, what have they been putting in the water in Massachusetts? All the bands I've been hearing from there as of late have been fucking awesome. Half Hearted Hero are not an exception. They just put out this amazing 12" called Running Water, and it's full of beautiful pop punk anthems with awesome guitar leads and it brings so much to the table that you might as well celebrate like 20 Thanksgivings while listening to this record. 

On top of the brilliant instrumental there are these infectious vocal hooks being belted out in a sort of Handguns like manner, but with a bit of gruffness thrown in for good measure. I mean, this band kind of sounds like a heavier and tighter version of Handguns to me, but I'm probably retarded and you shouldn't trust my opinion (I hope you choose to trust my opinion, otherwise I'm just wasting my time here). 

There's basically no possible way for you to not enjoy the shit out of this record. The guitars are relentless and riveting, the vocals are scathing, perfectly performed, and infectious, and the rhythm section pull it all together with some of the tightest playing I've heard in the pop punk scene. Each and every song on this 12" are the best song on the record. They're all just memorable and awesome. Listening to Running Water by Half Hearted Hero will probably change your life...or not. I mean, you'll at least enjoy the shit out of every moment spent listening to them. I mean, I know I'm burning a copy to keep in the Jeep after this review, so that I can listen to this shit while cruising around my shitty city pretending I'm way cooler than I am. Yeah, that about sums everything up!

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