Monday, September 19, 2011

Restorations - Restorations

Restorations are one of those bands that when you hear them you can automatically name 10 or 15 people you know that would dig the shit out of them. They're kind of like a blend of Against Me!, Gaslight Anthem, and bands that all the fans of those bands fawn over. Their songs sound developed, powerful, and like pretty solid rock anthems that are derivative of various punk subgenres (e.g. folk punk, orgcore, badass unicorn juice).

It's clear upon listening to their self titled full length that these guys are pretty damn good at what they do, especially the drummer...I fell in love with the drums on this album. Especially that "Canadian Club" song on this release; you can't listen to that song and then say anything remotely negative about the drummer on this album. The only greivance I have with Restoration would have to be the fact that the songs are pretty much all between 4 and 6 minutes. It's ridiculous. I felt like by time I finished the album for the first time, I had read the entire Harry Potter series. Or even every Star Wars comic series ever released. Shit, dude. I mean, if you're into long songs, you'll dig it. I know it's not really proper to use "you" in journalistic endeavors, but I don't care, man. Forget you!

This album pretty down and dirty in terms of demonstrating a shit load of variety. The album takes some drastic changes from time to time and has songs that I wouldn't even know how to completely classify. I mean, the most present genres would have to be punk, obviously, and alternative. I don't really know what else. It's just some good rock music, and I guess we're supposed to rock out to it or whatever. That's all that really needs to be said or known, so that's good. So I mean, if you're into rocking out to long songs written by great musicians in a style that's pleasant to your ears, you should probably get your hands on a copy of this release. If you're into slaying unicorns and drinking their blood, you're probably he-who-must-not-be-named. If you're a great wizard who once wore grey but now wears white, and you identify as homosexual, you're probably Gandalf. Or Magneto. Well, regardless of who you are, you should definitely go buy this album now. Fact.


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