Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Polar Bear Club - Clash Battle Guilt Pride

Polar Bear Club are like the hard rock band that every hard rock band should aspire to be. The vocals are passionate and gruff, the lyrics mean something, which is completely optional in rock music, and the instruments don't pull the same shenanigans in every song. PBC keeps their shit fresh, interesting, and enjoyable as fuck to listen to. Oh, and just because they play with pop punk bands a lot, does not make them at all a pop punk band. I mean, it's pretty obvious they've listened to every Lifetime album a million times, but that influence hasn't created any kind of structure around their music. They just can't really be confined to one genre; it's just easier to call them hard rock to put the situation to rest.

Polar Bear Club just did the world a huge favor by putting out 'Clash Battle Guilt Pride' this week. Now it would just be rude to not return the favor by enjoying the shit out of it. I like it just as much as I like their previous releases, if not a little bit more. The songs are catchier than ever, and the band is just becoming more and more solid as a whole. It'd legitimately be a struggle to tell you which songs are the best on the album, too; they're all just so damn great. It's kind of like when you've assembled the perfect pokemon party, and you're about to fight someone who uses fighting types, and you can't decide on your awesome pidgeot or your badass Alakazam, because they're both ideal in this situation due to being super effective and super cool. Yeah, this PBC album is a lot like that. I'm not a dork, I swear.

So, if you like infectious vocals, semi-heavy rock music, and leads constructed perfectly to fit the overall tone and atmosphere of the music, then you'll like Polar Bear Club. And if you like Polar Bear Club, you'll like 'Clash Battle Guilt Pride." And if you like 'Clash Battle Guilt Pride', you should probably support the fine musicians by picking up a copy of the album from their label Bridge 9 Records. Oh, and if you like us, we like you too. Via con dios.


P.S. This band is awesome and you won't regret listening to this album a thousand times. Unless that's the exact amount of time you have left to live...then you should probably listen to it on an ipod while you ride some sick waterslides and go skydiving and whatnot.

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