Saturday, August 20, 2011

Our Lives In Motion- Stages EP

Our Lives in Motion, hailing from Worcester, MA, is one of the best alternative bands I've heard in quite a long time. After the great record Salvation in Secrets, they continued to impress us with this EP, released in May of this year. Dave, Tony, Camden, and Jeff are all great musicians and this is an album worth listening to and falling in love with.
"Decadence" starts off really strong with a mega-catchy intro and powerful bass. I'm digging the style straight off the bat. It's really powerful, but it's not OVERpowering. The vocals are awesome, I like the guitar style, and the harmonies are awesome. It's got a cute little interlude that shows off the drums, and crescendos great back into the melody. Our Lives In Motion is pretty much awesome. I thought about maybe making an awesome pun about this music totally making me want to get in motion and dance, but then I reconsidered. 
The "Prelude" is really trippy. In a good way. Not in a tacky glow-in-the-dark tye-dye poster way, it actually has an awesome sound that I love.
"Recovery" has the best guitar melody on the entire EP, hands down. I adore it. I really like Dave's vocal style too. Pretty much everything rocks. I like that nothing every really sticks out too much in these songs- everything impresses me equally. I hate when a band has an awesome guitarist, but I couldn't tell you a thing about the bass lines, or vice versa. It drives me crazy.
"The Rescue" is pretty badass. It's driving, strong, and overall chill stuff.
"Strangers of the Night"- awesome song. The intro almost has a motivational sound to it.. If that makes sense at all. Which is kind of funny, because the title of the song makes me think of To Catch A Predator a bit. They redeemed themselves from that though, with making the actual song pretty great. 
Lastly, "Unstoppable" finishes off the record with a bang. It's awesome. 

Overall, A++++ for Our Lives In Motion. Check them out!


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