Saturday, August 27, 2011

Through the Static- We Can Do It! EP

Through the Static is a great female pop-punk band from New York. This EP was released in April and they're currently recording a full-length.

The first track, "Chestnut Ave" is such a great song. It's very raw and stripped down, and has such an awesome tone to it. I feel like most female pop-punk bands feel that they have to be really cutesy. Not that I don't enjoy cutesy bands, but it's nice to hear a ballsy pop-punk band from females. There need to be more of us represented. ;)
"S.G.R." has some Kathleen-Hanna-esque lyrics, and the same raw feel to it. I love the vocals, and the instrumentals are catchy as hell. I can tell this would be an awesome band live just from the pure energy of their recordings. 
Lastly, "Mars" is a little slower than the rest of the demo, but it's still awesome. Very simple, but talented all at once. 
Awesome. Can't wait to hear the full length from these ladies!


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