Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Bombpops- ...Stole the TV

The Bombpops are one of the catchiest things I've ever heard ever. This is only their second EP, but they've already made quite the name for themselves in the SoCal scene. Poli van Dam's voice sounds awesome with Jen Razavi's, and they're both awesome guitarists. Dylan Wade is the optimum pop-punk drummer, and I love Neil Wayne. Because I love all good bassists from the bottom of my heart. Overall, you're going to love this EP. I promise. RIYL Mikey Erg, the Unlovables, Salteens, etc. Released on October 4th!
The entire EP is exactly 10 minutes, 10 seconds of badass. The first song, "(Back to) The Medicine Cabinet" is an awesome song. The lyrics are really great, and the melody is fast and powerful. I love it. It's addictive and fun, which is exactly what you're looking for in a pop punk record. "Paranoid" starts off a little slower, but you know it won't stay that way. It sets into an awesome driving song with the same energy of the first song. It's the perfect (and confusing) combination of cute and punk. "Grocery Store" is probably my favorite. And last but not least, "Crazy" has such awesome vocals. It's got great lyrics and the harmonies are wonderful.

Overall, fell in love. You probably will too. Hopefully I'll see these guys live sometime in the next few months, cause it sounds like a great time!


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