Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The InCiders - MegaKill v.2 Turbo

It seems like the most logical thing to do at this point in my life would be to grab the Bear and fly overseas to the UK and start a hardcore punk band. I mean, I'm pretty sure that's what everyone in that country is doing these days. We just did a review of Officer Down earlier this week, and we have this friend Jake who plays in a hardcore punk band and does nothing but go on and on about the various local punk bands that he listens to. And now we've stumbled upon another punk band from the UK that borrows almost no influence from recent punk rock catastrophes. Excellent. Now I just need to convince the Bear to go with me to the UK!

The InCiders (the band I just mentioned a second ago) play pedal to the metal punk rock music. By pedal, I of course am referring to the distortion pedal. And by metal, I'm of course referring to the fact that there are random metal riffs and bass notions mixed into various parts of their songs. And by punk rock, I mean it's fucking punk rock. That part is pretty obvious and redundant. They recently released this full length that is for some reason called 'MegaKill v.2 Turbo' and is accompanied by album art that I'm pretty certain you'd find on some sort of tumblr page regarding goofy punk album covers. I hope that page exists. Oh wait, it does! Oh, and the cool thing about this release (other than the music) is that it's up on bandcamp for free streaming and downloading. So get to it!

'MegaKill v.2 Turbo' contains eight medium length songs that embody the nature of punk music. They're fast, lo-fi, raw, accompanied by politically charged lyrics and awesome. I mean, this is like some Municipal Waste type shit. This is what Minor Threat would sound like if they were to have occurred a couple decades later then they did. This is what it would sound like if some lions with mohawk'd manes delved into the punk world. I'm not 100% sure about that last one, but you should definitely just take my word for it. Actually, don't take my word for it! You have the link to their bandcamp page. Go download or stream this shit and have the time of your life! It'll be like Dirty Dancing, if Dirty Dancing took place in some sort of punk rock utopia (dystopia?) and was about moshing and pogoing or what have you. Take my word for it.


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