Saturday, October 1, 2011

Drinking Mercury- Orcades

Drinking Mercury, hailing from Lansing, MI, is an interesting combination of alternative rock and psychedelia... And it sounds great. The four friends work together to make a musical baby from sounds like the Decemberists, The Flaming Lips, and a little bit of Jefferson Airplane/Starship. It's a great record, released on September 27 by Bermuda Mohawk and GTG Productions.
This is a long record. Okay, maybe I'm just used to short records... But still. It's almost an hour of awesome. The songs are all on the longer side, with a beautiful mellow lack of direction. The vocals are absolutely amazing and all the musicians are extremely talented at what they do. The dynamics are complicated and beautiful, and it's just awesome. "Barely Strung" is the first song to absolutely blow my mind- it's such an awesome song with a really catchy sound. "Pretend We're Unique" has the best song title ever. "Grateful Day" is such a cool intro. I think that if I were going to go on a huge LSD binge, I know the CD I'm going to listen to. Or if I'm just going to be painting something abstract or going on a long drive. Any of the above. "Mother's Son" is super long. I'm talking almost eight minutes long. It's an epic. The instrumentals are so great. It's such a soft, pretty song. Definitely one of my favorites.
"Hey Hey Sally" is AWESOME. So great. I could listen to this song for hours. Days, maybe. It's such an amazing combination of different sounds and the harmonies and the bass/guitar working off eachother... Mmmm wonderful.
This entire album was great for me. I'm so into this CD.


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