Saturday, October 1, 2011

Real Talk!/Dollar Signs split

If you've ever been sitting around watching Jersey Shore (for your sake, I hope this has never happened), then you might at some point wonder whether or not there's anything not shitty going on in that state. I mean, The Ergs and no more, and Lifetime are just being all weird about the fact that they quit being a band forever ago. If you're 16 you might be all like, "oh man, Streetlight Manifesto are from New Jersey," but if you're 21, you're probably like, "well at least there's a good deal of pop punk bands from New Jersey these days. Oh, and Clerks was pretty good." But there's those moments in time when you have to wonder about the folk punk scene in such a hellish state. Don't worry guys, I've done some research (i.e. I did zero research and just read an email) and I think it's safe to say that the folk punk scene doesn't seem so bad.

There's this split out between a Jersey folk punk group known as Real Talk! and North Carolina based Dollar Signs that I'm finding to be pretty damn enjoyable. Dollar Signs are pretty typical folk punk in terms of musical style and lyrical content. Songs about homeless people dying, homeless people smiling, girl troubles, hatred, instances in which people get eaten by werewolves and cats get fucked by dogs and blood is vomited up onto a rainbow. Very typical folk punk stuff, you know? It's stuff that you'd really enjoy if you're into Matt Wixson and Andrew Jackson Jihad type stuff. And if you have a sense of humor, a sense of honesty, and good taste in music.

Real Talk! sound kind of like back when Signals Midwest was just an acoustic solo project by Max Stern. The not-too-simple lyrics combined with the innocent guitar playing and non-abrasive vocals really hit home as far as my taste in music goes, and it definitely ensures their half of this Split as being pretty damn good. Both bands supply four songs which range from above-average to awesome, and therefore you should totally go to the bandcamp page for this split and listen to it at least 50 times. Maybe try listening to it 70 times, just to be safe. It's on you, man! The vegetarian meatball is in YOUR food court, now.


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