Sunday, October 16, 2011

Officer Down - Thrown to the Water

I don't know how they pulled it off, but Officer Down somehow traveled to present times from the 80s. I'm assuming they did so in some sort of Econoline van with a flux capacitor and suicide doors, only because DeLorean's are trendy as fuck, and it appears is though they did it to keep 80s styled punk rock alive. The only problem is that they chose to do this in the UK and not over where I am in the it's still very much dead where I live. But whatever, I still get to listen to them when I choose to, and that's what really matters. (No it's not; I'm just putting on a brave face. Moshing is what matters to me. Moshing and burritos and never growing up).

Conveniently enough, Officer Down also acts as a "fountain of youth" of sorts. While listening to them you may suddenly be rejuvenated and do quite a lot of regressing during the duration of the album and possibly for some time after. You may find yourself driving down streets knocking mailboxes off their posts with a baseball bat, yelling obscenities from your window at every person in a high school letterman jacket for the shit they gave you in your younger years, and quite possibly playing Streets of Rage 2 for Sega Genesis. These are just some of the side effects of listening to Officer Down, whereas the most prominent side effect is enjoying the music. Their songs are fast, scathing, fun, infectious, and punk as a duck. They still remind me a lot of Crack Rock Steady bands, as I mentioned in a review of a previous release of theirs, but really it's just in some of the instrumentals. They definitely sound more on the punk side, and they definitely have quite a bit more melody to their vocals than you'd find in much LOC type music. Oh, and the bass is still awesome. That's another thing I mentioned in the previous review.

This album throws 12 awesome punk songs at you and expects your stomach to somehow digest them properly and efficiently. They problem here is that the songs probably won't leave your system at a timely rate, and you'll probably be stuck with them for quite some time. Wait, that's not a problem...that's just the band doing their job. And if you were doing your job, you'd be heading over to Officer Down's big cartel page and purchasing this full length 'Thrown to the Water', because it's well worth it, I assure you. It's a super enjoyable release and we need far more of those in 2011. Seriously. The second half of the year has been pretty damn dry in comparison to the rambunctious first half. But whatever, we have Officer Down's full length. What else do we need? Well, pizza. Duh. However, I haven't the money for pizza, so I'll just stick with Officer Down.


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