Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Wild/Run, Forever 7"

I recently saw The Wild live for the first time, and it was an incredible show. They were playing with The Taste of Irony and Andrew Jackson Jihad, so of course it was a built to win show, and it was definitely one of the best shows I've ever seen without leaving Kentucky. It wasn't until after witnessing the amazingness that is The Wild's live show that I finally sat down and gave the band a listen. I didn't regret this at all. They're amazing. They have this one release out on Quote Unquote that is just brilliant from beginning to end. They're this band full of like 58 or so members (I may be exaggerating due to how much energy the dudes have) and they play absolutely excellent folk punk music that would turn the greediest asshole into a people loving philanthropist. True story. Well, they make a point to put every single bit of their excellence into the two songs donated to our ears with this split. If you like any band that's ever been on Plan-It-X, you'll probably have a thing for The Wild. And the other side of the split has just as much awesomeness to offer.

I don't think I've really heard much about Run, Forever until this release. I know they're from Pittsburgh, and since I'm from Cincinnati I'm suppose to like hate them or something...I'm not quite sure. I fail at hating them anyway, because their music is impossible not to enjoy. The two songs on this split are seriously two of the most likable electric folk punk jams I've ever laid ears on. They're catchy, energetic, the lyrics are rad, and they manage to unique through all of this. They kind of remind me of Signals Midwest, just in the way they manage to hammer out these clearly flawless punk songs with a folky vibe. Plus I mean, who can help but sing along when the instrumentals come to a halt long enough for, "sometimes it takes going through hell to make you feel alive!", followed by the instrumentals coming back in to accompany some "woah-ohs" and "we're gonna be fine!"

Solid split between two awesome bands, what more can you ask for? You can even download it for free from If You Make It, if you want. But, the cooler thing to do is to purchase the 7" record from Kat Kat Records. Trust me. This is going to be one of your favorite purchases of all time if you go through with it.


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