Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Coffee Project- Concrete Boots EP

Coffee Project is an amazing folk punx band from Gainsville composing of Jake Crown and Buddy Shuab. Every single release they have amazes me- and I don't think I'm alone. Concrete Boots is no exception- I loved it, and you will too. It was self-recorded in Shaub's basement! They released it on the 27th of September.

The record starts off awesome with "Shenandoah Valley", which is an awesome song with a really catchy melody. They have such a great "feel good" sound to them, and the blending of the music is perfect. The trombone is definitely my favorite part of the song. 
"Concrete Boots" is my favorite track on the EP. The soft guitar, the great lyrics, Kim Helm's guest vocals, the trombone... I could go on. It all combines perfectly. It's a great song.
"Exit Stage Left" has a little bit different of a sound, but it's still an awesome song. I really dig the bass.
"Laid Up" has the best vocals and horn lines hands down. The lyrics (as per the usual) are also great. Sometimes, I think I might honestly like Coffee Project more than LTJ. Only sometimes though ;)
"Little Boxes" is the last track. It's extremely addictive and cutesy. The lyrics are HILARIOUS.
Overall, it's a great EP. I adore it.


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