Saturday, October 1, 2011

Josh David and the Dream Jeans- Can You Believe We Landed On The Moon?

Josh David and the Dream Jeans is quite a shock... They're a true flashback to the days of 80s-hardcore. The music has the energy and speed of the true "punx" bands. Ironic, because a few days before receiving the CD, I had been bitching to Idle about the lack of balls-out punk these days. As much as I appreciate the indie and pop punk bands, I have a softspot for Ian Mackaye, Henry Rollins (<3), and Jello Biafra. This band signals all of the idols in Can You Believe We Landed On The Moon?, released on September 27, 2011 on both Bermuda Mohawk and GTG Records.

The first thing we have to get straight about this album is that it's all about the noise. It's the kinda band that you get lost in at a show- you can't tell what they're saying, but you just wanna move to it. It's got an amazing energy that I fell in love with from the start. It's very fast, and very fun. The intro, "Richard Switzer," is a build up to the insanity of the actual music.. And then you land straight into "Tall Paul Rides Again", with a great beat and incredibly addictive guitar lines.
Some of my favorite songs from the album:
"Oh Santa" is a great song with very interesting riffs and hilarious lyrics. I absolutely love Josh David's vocals in this song. "Baby I'm A Fiend" is easily the catchiest song on the album. It ties in so many strong influences, and is an awesome-throwback. "It's Derry not Londonderry" cracks me up every time. It's a great song with super funny lyrics. Overall, the entire album is great. It's music to blast and rock out to. Preferably at a time when you can be pants-less and using your hairbrush as a microphone. (Am I doing punk rock wrong?)
Anyway, the music of JDDJ is very raw and powerful. It's rough, it's experimental... It's kickass. I want to party with these guys. 

You need to check out this band!


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