Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Family Lumber - Look to the Sidelines EP

I'm not 100% what kind of band Family Lumber is; I guess that's the best way I could possibly start off my review of their new EP 'Look to the Sidelines'. They're from Long Island. They're not a rock band...or maybe they are? I've heard softer stuff than this still be considered rock music. Their music is very calming and relaxing type stuff, and reminds me a lot of stuff Jonah Mantranga (onelinedrawing) puts out. Therefore, I would have to classify Family Lumber as one of those bands where I could instantly think of 10 or so people who would be really into them, while not finding it very interesting myself.

The first song on EP, "Before I Sleep" is this very atmospheric number. Being the first song on the EP, it's your first impression of the band and of course immediately influences your opinion on them. Well, that's what happened with me. I didn't really get into the first song, and felt like it was far too serious and strange. But then the second song came on, and I was like, "hey, maybe I'll actually get into these dudes afterall!" "Everything You Wanted to Say" is a very 90s styled song. It's more poppy than the previous song, and I personally find it far more enjoyable. It's followed by another awesome song that also sounds like it could be an entirely different band.

I really love it when bands pull this shit. You hear one song by them and you think you've got them all figured out and you're sitting there thinking, "oh, they're this type of band. They sound like this and this and this and that's all there is to know about them." And then the next song comes on and you're floored and begin to frantically scribble over the notes you already took down! Revise! Revise! Revise! So yeah, that's what listening to Family Lumber is like. Each song is a new experience and I feel as though the EP just gets better with each song. I mean, there's only like four songs, though! Imagine if there were like 50 songs, and by the last song they were the best band in the world! I guess that's the whole reason for further releases. And after listening to this full EP, I can honestly say that I'm pretty stoked for whatever they put out next. Great job, guys! You made Long Island cool, somehow!


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